Different Types of Business Funding:

Angel Investors



Credit Unions

Secured Loans

Private Investors

We Can Help You Find the Funding To Build Your Destiny

Allow us to help you navigate through this unfamiliar road. We will inform you about all the funding types available for businesses in Canada and help develop a strategy most appropriate for your type of business.

As a Canadian business owner you will need to come to the decision as to whether you would like to embark on the road of acquiring traditional small business financing through a traditional lending institution – such as a bank – or whether you are looking for private sector funding. Private sector funding can include: angel investors, venture capitalists or even other private investors.

A majority of the factors that dictate where your funding will come from is determined by the amount you are looking for, whether the funding you seek is secured or unsecured, and whether or not your business – or even you and your partners – have the right credit.

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